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About ELSynergy

ELSynergy Voice and Speech Services strives to offer you the most options for getting the help or guidance you need, wherever you may be. With a fully mobile speech pathology clinic, Eva offers diagnostic procedures and therapy in physicians' offices, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area and soon parts of South Carolina/southeast US. For individuals outside these area, vocal coaching over the internet (FaceTime/Skype) may be the best option.

Strobe and Fees

The fully mobile aspect of ELSynergy allows high tech tests for voice and swallowing to be conducted in various facilities, rather than requiring individuals to often travel great distances to have these procedures done. This offers you and your doctor the convenience of getting the information you need in-office, and can often get you the help you need sooner with results relayed to you and the physician at the time of the exam.

Voice Therapy

Many times, hoarseness or problems with your voice can arise from being sick. Hoarseness that lasts longer than a few weeks or comes on suddenly can sometimes be due to injuries to the vocal folds (vocal cords). These might be injuries such as nodules, polyps, cysts, scarring, hemorrhages (bleeding), swelling, etc. Hoarseness can also be the result of weakness of the vocal folds from aging, lack of use, decreased movement of one or both of the vocal folds (paresis or paralysis), etc. In some cases, hoarseness can also be from muscle tension/muscle imbalances, or sometimes even cancer. While an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor (ENT) will be the one to diagnose what the problem is, voice therapy is often part of the plan to get one's voice back and prevent issues from arising again in the future.

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Swallowing therapy/Head and Neck Cancer Rehabilitation

For individuals having trouble swallowing, tests may be performed to find the cause, and swallowing therapy is often recommended to strengthen muscles or provide strategies/techniques to address their specific needs. Swallowing problems (and even voice problems) are common during or after treatment for head and neck cancer, and therapy can very much help these issues or even prevent them from happening.

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Vocal Coaching via FaceTime/Skype

In today's world, not everyone has time for all the doctors appointments, therapy appointments, vocal coachings, etc. that they may need to get back to doing the things they love. For those individuals looking to work on their voices from the comfort of their home or for individuals without access to nearby voice professionals, FaceTime/Skype sessions may be your best option. These sessions can be scheduled and purchased singly or as multi-session packages to best meet your needs. Most individuals pursuing Internet-based coaching have already seen an ENT and have been cleared for coaching, or are simply looking to improve their vocal skills/technique for their singing/speaking needs.

Community Outreach and Workshops

Eva is available to provide workshops, lectures, or training for your organization, ensemble, or department. Workshop focus can be tailored to your specific need (such as vocal health or technique), and can be provided to vocal ensembles/choirs, university music, theatre, or education departments, educators, individuals working in call centers, etc. Educational sessions can be developed for Parkinson's support groups or head and neck cancer support groups as well. On-site training for speech pathologists in providing FEES/videostroboscopic evaluations of voice is also available.

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